Top 5 Picks for the Best Personal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

What makes a GPS tracker so valuable is its mobility. You can use this little gadget to keep tabs on your kids or spouse. Also, you can attach the appliance to a car or bike and monitor their movements: the best GPS trackers, no monthly fee, store geographical data, and other tracking parameters.

Since there are no recurring fees, you won’t break the bank while tracking your car. Also, you’ll get real-time position monitoring without paying for cellular networks or a subscription.

There are multiple GPS trackers no monthly charge online. This variety makes it harder to select the best low-cost option. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a handful of budget-friendly GPS trackers. We also included some common queries about GPS trackers are to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Gps Trackers Reviewed

1. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS tracker is a high-end car monitoring system. The device uses a 3G network to collect data during your trips. The compiled information is accessible through a mobile app or computer.

This tracker keeps tabs on a lot of information. For instance, you’ll know about your gas mileage so that you don’t get stranded on the road. Additionally, the app records tire rotation, oil leaks, brake assembly, and other maintenance requirements. Generally, you’ll get an alert every time your automobile moves. 

You’ll also be alerted in case a manufacturer issues a recall warning for your vehicle. The tracker divides your trips into various categories to qualify for a tax credit. Insurance policies are also available to drivers with clean driving histories via Vyncs. Auto insurance payouts from Vyncs might be a lifesaver in case of an accident.


  • Free first-year service
  • Power supply through the car OBD
  • Mobile app and computer compatibility
  • Easy to set up


  • Slow time loading for tracks
  • Confusing pricing plans

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2. Petfon Pet GPS Tracker

This tracker integrates GPS with multiple wireless connection options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, the tracker incorporates long-distance wireless technologies to get a precise position. The PETFON does not rely on cellular networks, and it saves you money on monthly expenses.

The software is simple to set up on Android than iOS devices. You’ll then be able to track your pet’s whereabouts and see what it’s up to at any given moment. The tracker is tiny, and your pet won’t notice it is even there. Also, the gadget is waterproof. It will take more than your pup’s saliva to damage the tracker.

The geo-fencing function will notify you if your pet leaves a specific region. The tracker features colorful alerts which will alert you when your pup is up to no good. 

The pet tracker bears LED lights that can be remotely activated. The flashes appear bright at night so that you can quickly locate your dog or cat at night. You may also save voice instructions on it so that you can speak with your pet whenever you want.

Battery life is the last consideration. A single charge lasts between 8 and 16 hours, depending on how you use it. There’s a small charging case included in the package.


  • Works in bad weather
  • Voice recording option
  • Affordable equipment
  • Remotely activated LED lights


  • Long charging time
  • Poor service in urban areas

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3. WanWayTech GPS Tracker

WanWayTech’s GPS tracker provides real-time tracking and updates its position every 10 seconds. The company’s big data management platform is also linked to this GPS tracker to provide high-end security for consumers. With a strong magnet, the gadget is simple to install. Also, you can quickly check out your tracking status on a phone app or via text message.

You can access the target’s location history on WanWayTech’s tracker. First, you’ll have to define a geofence on the map. After that, the tracker sends an alert to your phone when the device changes location. 

This gadget also includes a few high-end functions to complement the tracking experience. You can utilize the speeding alert, voice monitoring, light sensor, and disassembly alarm on your car. Additionally, the device has an electric fence, a street-view map, and other features.

There is a sizeable 5000mAh battery that provides long-term location tracking. You can use the standby mode for up to three years. When the battery is diminished, you’ll receive an alert. The tracker is recharged using a widely available 5V power supply.


  • Accurate location
  • Good quality
  • Big battery
  • Free app


  • Challenging to understand setup instructions
  • Lacks clear instructions

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4. GoTele GPS Tracker

The GoTele GPS Tracker is the most expensive tracking option. Several neat features make it the best GPS tracker no monthly fee. Since you need two connected trackers, there are no internet, mobile, or other membership costs.

The device is well equipped to withstand different situations. You can carry the GPS gadget to hiking, boating, camping, and fishing trips. This tracker is built for the outdoors, and its shockproof body can endure extended drops without breaking. Furthermore, the exterior is weather-sealed against dust and water penetration.

GoTele GPS tracker also bears geofencing for target tracking. Also, the SOS button comes in handy during an emergency with real-time monitoring. 

You must set the devices at least 3 miles apart in the suburbs and city streets. Natural features like mountain and hilly terrain can impact reception. Additionally, electrical equipment in between also affects the signal.


  • Precise location data
  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer service
  • Tough exterior


  • Higher initial cost
  • Only one device connection per mobile

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5. Reiwour 4G GPS Tracker

The Reiwour 4G GPS Tracker is a fantastic low-cost tracking device with zero monthly cost. Also, there is no activation fee in the first year service and added SIM card. However, annual costs kick in after that period.

The tracker has a mobile app for iPhones and Android. You can monitor the target’s position in real-time on each platform. As expected, the superior 4G LTE offers faster connectivity and quicker 30-second updates. Still, you can work on 3G when conserving the battery.

There’s a 10000mAh Lithium Polymer battery powering the tracker. This big battery holds enough juice for up to 20 days on a single charge. Moreover, you can save the tracking history for up to 180 days.

The tracker can last longer if you want to go the distance. Three distinct power-saving options stretch the gadget’s battery. Normal, power-saving, and intelligent modes are on tap to conserve power for extended tracking.


  • Superior build quality
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Multiple power-saving modes


  • Poor battery life
  • Not very strong magnets

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Buying Guide

A GPS Tracker’s Power Supply

.The primary power source is an in-built battery. When the pack is drained, the tracker has to be recharged. Before purchasing a tracker, you may check the battery’s capacity to see how long it will last. Some individuals prefer an OBD tracker since it does not need charging. On the other hand, you must ascertain the quality as others can mess with your car’s ECU.

GPS Tracker Position Update Time

The GPS device’s model and network strength determine its time to update the location. The GPS gadget updates its status every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. Trackers that refresh every three or five minutes are also available. Some devices allow you to adjust the tracker’s default update interval.

Countries Where a GPS Tracker Is Free

GPS tracking is not active globally since some countries restrict the technology. Therefore, check your local laws before getting a tracker. Also, find out if there are any added charges like cellular costs.

Data Storage Time Slot

The storage capacity of the gadget will determine how much data you can save. Some GPS trackers keep your information for a year, as others store up to five years’ worth of info. You can also consider cloud storage options. However, some providers charge a data retrieval fee.

Additional Features

You may designate a perimeter within which the tracker cannot leave. Once the target crosses the boundary or geofence, you’ll receive a notification. Geofencing is worth the extra money for instant tracking as it isn’t available on most trackers.

Finally, have a look at the battery life. A personal GPS tracker is unusable without a charge. Ideally, the battery should be sizeable and last long when the device is on standby.


1.  What are my options for keeping track of my vehicle?

Installing a GPS tracker is the best way to track your vehicle. Ideally, a device with no monthly fees or hidden costs is best. There is only an initial purchase for most options, while others carry annual charges. 

Some cars ship with in-built GPS trackers. The tracker will usually be attached alongside the in-car infotainment system. You can toggle between various menus to access the maps and location tracker.

2.  Is installing a car tracker a complicated process?

Putting a GPS tracker in your car is not rocket science. Some models readily attach to your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Battery-powered trackers have a longer, but still straightforward process. 

Firstly, you’ll need an energy source. Portable trackers run on battery power, whereas stationary devices can use the car’s battery. After that, construct a magnetic casing to hold the tracker. This case should be placed in a discrete location that receives strong network signals.

Finally, power the device and test how well it shows direction and speed. You can drive around the block to gather data. Usually, a qualified technician will get the job done in under one hour, while DIY projects take longer. 

3.  How accurate are real-time GPS trackers at locating you?

Sometimes. GPS trackers use satellite signals to pinpoint their location. Any network interference will cause an inaccurate reading. However, if everything is working fine, your tracker will pin your location to within three meters.

The speed of modern networks is quickly increasing. 5G connectivity dwarfs the already rapid 4G. GPS trackers that run on 5G are more accurate than those running on soon-to-be-obsolete 3G connectivity.


Let’s face it, the world is never fair, and bad things often happen to good people. However, we can take measures to ensure that our loved ones and properties are safe. 

The best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee, gets the job done affordably. These intelligent gadgets allow you to recover a stolen car or find your way back home. 

Naturally, there are budget options and premium trackers. The costlier alternatives deliver accurate results and have a larger battery. 

Moreover, the top personal trackers without a monthly cost have strong magnets. These points attach to the metal body of your car and deliver different information. You can quickly check out your speed, location, and gas mileage.

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