Best Drinking Water Hose for RV Trips in 2021

While outdoors, you need to have enough water in-store. A water hose channels this essential fluid from the holding tank into your camper van and further to the collection point. Consequently, the best drinking water hose for RVs is the one that best suits your water needs. 

Typically, you would consider factors such as durability, pipe length, and safety. The standard pipe, while still functional, is tailored for lawns and may not last long. Still, some campers will opt for a regular garden hose that gets the job done at a reduced cost.

There is no shortage of information online about different types of hoses. Nevertheless, the variety of RV-specific water pipes is immense. You’ll quickly be left wondering which product is the best product for you and your family. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled the five best water hoses for your camper van. These items are long-lasting, safety-guaranteed, and can be wound up for easy storage.

1. Teknor Apex 8602-25 NeverKink RV/Marine Hose

It’s great that this product doesn’t have any kinks in it. Many people would be annoyed if this happened, so it’s a relief that it won’t. Also, the coupling material used ensures that there is no water leakage upon attachment. 

Teknor uses cutting-edge technology to create a great device that is safe to use with drinking water. You can use it for drinking water since its construction doesn’t contain Lead traces. Also, the material used on the exterior is FDA-approved. As a result, you’ll know you’re getting the finest. 

Besides delivering clean water, you can still get creative with the water hose. You can wash away muddy patches on your RV and even water the lawn. The hose is 25 feet and long enough for most RV users.

This product is relatively simple to use. However, some users have complained that the hose becomes brittle over time. Still, the product is exceptional and an excellent companion for camping trips.


  • Durable under harsh weather conditions 
  • Heavy-duty fresh water hose
  • Kink-proof
  • Easy to use


  • Not very flexible

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2. Gilmour 50-Foot Marine and Recreation Drinking Water Hose

The Gilmour marine and recreation drinking water hose is a long 50-foot pipe. Additionally, the line is strong and has a 300 PSI burst rating. This product works well with high-pressure water systems. 

The 50-footer Gilmour hose weighs just under five pounds. While it seems a tad underweight, the hose’s appearances can be deceiving. The water hose has a protective outer coating that prevents punctures. 

Also, the outer layer keeps the line from tangling if you want to quickly roll it for storage—the item ships with standard hose couplings to accommodate nearly all male and female connections.

Gilmour’s marine and recreation drinking water hose is NSF-certified and FDA-compliant. You can rest easy knowing that the pipe will deliver uncontaminated water. On the flip side, the connection fitting has a simple arch that makes dislodging difficult when it is wet. Nevertheless, you can work around this drawback using gloves.


  • NSF certified and tested
  • Protective outer layer for durable use
  • No tangling
  • Impressive 50-foot length


  • Stiff materials
  • Hard connection fitting

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3. Camco 50-Foot Taste PURE Drinking Water Hose

Our favorite drinking water hose is the Camco TastePURE. The pipe is NSF-certified and devoid of lead, BPA, and phthalates. It’s composed of PVC that makes the hose last longer than most competitor brands.

The water pipe is UV stabilized and strengthened to avoid kinks and tears. The product is impressively long at 50 feet long with a half-inch central bore. You can use the pipe in multiple ways. You can efficiently deliver drinking water, wash your RV and even irrigate the lawn.

This product’s major flaw is that it’s white. If you are piping dirty water, the stains will be very conspicuous. You may want to ensure the water quality or color code the hose to mask the pigments.


  • BPA free
  • NSF certified
  • Long-lasting hose
  • Reinforced materials against kinking


  • Very stiff
  • Hard to control and roll up

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4. Aqua Joe Kink-Free RV Water Hose

There are three main types of Aqua Joe kink-free water hoses: 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet pipe lengths. All three are lighter than ordinary water hoses by up to 50%. Also, there are no BPAs, lead, or phthalates in this product. 

The 5/8-inch flexible inner core steadily delivers plenty of water. The hose is encased in a robust marine-grade fiber jacket, and it’s flexible up to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the line is crush-proof and won’t twist or kink in the roughest situations.

It is mildew-resistant and fast to dry when it’s wet. You won’t have to deal with a slippery hose when it’s time to leave camp. In addition, the hose has heavy-duty metal ends to provide a leak-proof connection. The water hose’s design issue is that the ends are difficult to hold. Nevertheless, a wrench or quick-release adaptor can fix this issue.


  • Durable construction
  • The pipe doesn’t freeze over
  • Kink-proof design 
  • Flexible materials


  • Restricted water flow
  • Hard connectors

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5. Flexzilla 50-Foot Lightweight Drinking Hose

The Flexzilla hose is a fifty-foot-long RV equipment. The line also offers an eye-catching bright green color that makes it simple to identify. The anodized aluminum ends are sturdy. Moreover, the O-rings provide a leak-free connection

The hose is sturdy with an abrasion-resistant outer cover. The product uses a unique polymer mix that allows for all-weather flexibility. The hose doesn’t disintegrate even in sub-zero conditions and is a must-have for every camper. Additionally, the pipe is kink-free and folds flat when not in use. Therefore, you can quickly unravel the hose for a quick splash.

Nevertheless, this RV water hose gets clogged quickly. Also, Flexzilla’s green outer coat may darken with time. Proper maintenance and storage are necessary when not in use to avoid discoloration.


  • Very useful in sub-zero temperatures
  • Kink-proof
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to pack and unravel


  • Hard to clean
  • Clogs quite fast

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What to Look For When Buying RV Water Hoses

Choosing the right RV water hose isn’t a straightforward matter. Each product has unique features that can sway your buying decision. Still, the varying properties distinguish quality hoses from the rest. 

Which RV water hoses are worth the investment? Consider the following factors when shopping for the best drinking water hose for RV.

Function of the Hose

Potable water hoses are used to channel drinking water. Usually, drinking water hoses are made from BPA-free materials. Also, they tend to be 15 to 50 feet long. White water hoses are often used for potable RV water supply.

Heated Pipes

It’s worth the extra money to have heated RV water hoses instead of the standard one. Manufacturers often include a heating device to protect the line from freezing. You should consider heated water hoses for your RV if you live in a colder region. 

Frozen pipes are often brittle and can easily break apart. Therefore, investing in a heated RV hose will save you money for replacing broken lines.

NSF Certified and FDA Approved

RV water hoses can be NSF certified or FDA compliant depending on the manufacturer. When choosing an RV water hose, keep these agencies in mind. 

Polyurethane hoses prevent water from picking up extracts from the pipe, unlike rubber or vinyl. In addition, RV water hoses should also be BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. These substances alter the taste of drinking water and can be harmful to your health.


The finest RV water hoses are made to withstand any form of kink. The water flow will stop when there is a twist in the line. When coiled up, the finest RV water hoses retain their shape even if they are flexible. This structural rigidity ensures that your line will serve you for longer.


It is often an unpleasant scenario when a water line breaks while you’re out camping. To avoid this, get a reinforced RV water hose that tends to be long-lasting. Naturally, a durable RV water hose can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Still, it would help to avoid contact with rocks, trash, or other sharp items that may puncture the line.

Fittings That Are Simple to Hold Onto

It is frustrating when you are unable to unscrew your RV water hose. Fixing an issue along the line will be stressful, and the wrong fittings will compound this inconvenience. Most of the finest RV water hose accessories are standardized to fit the hose’s inner diameter and threading.


Whatever your price range, you’ll find an RV water hose to suit your needs. There are budget-friendly solutions as well as more expensive options. Generally, you’ll get a barebones line with a lower budget. Nevertheless, pocket-friendly options provide fantastic value if you’re looking for functionality without breaking the bank. For better quality materials and overall durability, you’ll need to fork a lot more cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why Use an RV Drinking Water Hose Instead of an Outdoor Garden Hose?

A few garden hoses may be used for both watering your plants and drinking water. Drinking water hoses are significantly different from the typical garden hose. They are made from weaker material, and some lack a credible health rating. Make sure you read the label on the hose before you buy it. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t use a regular garden hose for potable water.

2.    Why Do I Need an RV Heated Water Hose?

If you live in a warm place, you might not need a heated water hose. Also, if you don’t intend to go camping during winter, a regular hose gets the job done. However, this line is a must-have item for every RV camper. You won’t have to worry about a frozen water pipe likely to break.

3.    Is a 1/2” or 5/8” RV Water Hose Better?

Most RV water pipes are half an inch in diameter. You can still get hoses that range from 7/16 to half an inch and 5/8 to 5/8 inches. Nevertheless, a 5/8 inch line is adequate for your RV’s plumbing needs. 

The best way to ascertain your needs is to experiment with different sizes. The water pressure might increase in a tiny hose that restricts fluid flow. Ultimately, the 5/8-inch hose transports an adequate amount of water.

4.   How to Clean My RV Water Hose?

We recommend that you clean your drinking water hose at least twice a year. Various particles inside the water will settle along the hose lining and stain the line. If you don’t clean your pipes, you risk clogging the line. 

Therefore, let the hose soak for about 15 minutes in a tub of diluted bleach solution. After that, rinse off with clean water, then dry before running drinking water through.


Choosing the best drinking water hose for your RV may not seem like a big deal. However, there are a lot of critical aspects to take into account. You must not compromise your drinking water during a camping trip. Therefore, a preferred hose shouldn’t have toxins like BPA and lead. 

Make sure your hose is in good shape. Check for leaks and contaminants and clean them at least twice a year. You have to keep your hose clean and in excellent working order to prolong its life. Don’t ignore the quality of your pipe, even if water hoses are usually inexpensive

Lastly, you are better off investing in a wide range of hosepipe lengths. A short water line might deny your RV access to drinking water. On the other hand, a large selection allows you to use the water pipe in multiple ways. Also, you’ll quickly overcome different connections at various RV parks. Use fast-fit connectors for rapid setup and disassembly of your equipment.

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