Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500

A perfect bike for women is not just about color and size. Ladies, aren’t you tired of searching for more geometrically adapted mountain bikes?

You probably want an MTB that is not just a pinker and smaller version of a man’s bike. A women’s MTB should have a more ergonomic and women-specific geometry. It should have more optimized saddles and handles to complement a women’s riding style.

Thankfully, more and more brands are starting to design and manufacture mountain bikes tailored to the needs of their female customers. What does this mean for you? More variety and choices!

We, adventure junkies, have curated a round-up of the best women’s mountain bike under $500.

After all, you don’t need to empty your pockets to be able to afford adventure.

So, let’s cut to the chase and see what we have in store for you!

5 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500

With so many brands offering feature-heavy bikes, finding the perfect one can be super complicated when you don’t know what to look for.. Each MTB comes with a unique set of features that make for a different riding experience.

Besides, it’s tricky to find one that won’t compromise functionality, budget, and aesthetics. This section lists the five best women’s mountain bikes under $500 that are fit for a female body.

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Finding a bike quality women’s bike, especially when you are tall, can be tough. But the Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike is a wonderful option.

The MTB is perfect for tall women. but its quick release and adjustable saddle make it suitable for most height range.

You’ll also be happy to find that this Schwinn bike comes in two material options – steel and aluminum. If you are longing for something long-lasting and durable, we recommend going with the steel model.

The bike comes equipped with an SR suspension fork to ensure a smooth and efficient ride. On the other hand, the twist shifters and Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur can deliver high speeds with utmost ease.

You’ll also notice that the linear-pull responsive alloy brakes work like magic.

What we love most about this beast is the trouble-free assembly. Yes, it arrives primarily pre-assembled. Half an hour Is all you will need to get it up and running.

The all-terrain tires of this bike will allow you to explore all kinds of trails. You can also opt for an aluminum frame if you are looking for something more portable.


  • Easy as well as quick assembly
  • Quick gear changing with 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur
  • Alloy cranks allow steady gearing
  • All-terrain tires
  • Height adjusting is simple
  • Aluminum and steel framing versions


  • Flimsy plastic paddles
  • The steel frame is bulky

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2. Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike

When it comes to the best women’s mountain bike under $500, the Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike is the most formidable competitor. It has every feature you would need for long, joyful, and relaxing rides.

One of the unique selling points is their Tectonic T1 aluminum frame. It is lightweight, which gives the rider the utmost control. You will love the speedy responsiveness of brakes that doesn’t require much force. Secondly, the 2×8 speed drivetrain from Shimano is worth applause. If you are trying to descend and ascend, these drivetrains will ensure maximum comfort and assistance. Not to mention, most users find the Mongoose saddle to be comfortable for long rides.

The Mongoose Switchback had our vote from the moment we heard about its Exposure suspension fork, which allows for smooth rides and steady gearing.

Also, like the rest of the Mongoose lineup, this one has 21-speed derailleurs and shifters for more precision in gear changing.

No matter where you are cruising, ladies, this bike will ensure optimum comfort for you!


  • Change gear in a snap
  • Portable and lightweight women’s mountain bike
  • Ultra-comfortable saddles allow long relaxed journeys.
  • Variety of colors available
  • Sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t include a kickstand
  • Not suitable for rough terrains

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3. Royce Union Rtt Mountain Bike

The next on our list of the best women’s mountain bikes under $500 is the RTT mountain bike from Royce Union. Royce Union is one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Conversely, they have been producing quality MTBs for ages.

The RTT mountain bike employs aluminum framing. Its lightweight structure makes it easy to maneuver on different trails. With the glossy and silver overcoat, you’ll also find the bike to be very aesthetically appealing.

Professional or not, all riders will love the 21-speed levels on the RTT. Thanks to TY 300 rear indexed derailleurs and Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger, you can enjoy a smooth ride.

One of the reasons why we highly recommend this mountain bike is its ultra-smooth stopping power. Meanwhile, its padded saddle makes sure that you are comfortable on your long rides.

Additionally, there’s the alloy quick-release mechanism for trouble-free adjustments. You’ll find almost all the necessary tools for assembly in the box. Unfortunately, you have to buy a kickstand separately.

Considering all the above features, we highly recommend this budgeted women’s mountain bike for under $500.


  • Reputable and reliable brand
  • Comes with all the tools for assembly
  • Gloss over-coating and beautiful design
  • Stopping power is as smooth as butter
  • Long-lasting aluminum framing
  • Suitable for beginner riders


  • Unsuitable for tall women
  • Assembly might take longer than usual

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4. Max4out Mountain Bike

If you are an entry-level rider, you will love the Max4out Mountain Bike’s simple yet unique features.

For less than $500, this Max4out is undoubtedly a steal deal. Budget-conscious buyers finally don’t have to compromise on quality framing or abilities with this bike.

What’s more, the bike’s attractive spray design deserves mention. Next time you go on a ride, be ready to be under the spotlight because of this shiny star! More importantly, it performs as impressive as it looks.

The Max4out’s 26-inch rims are perfect for leisurely speeding. The manufacturer has also taken care of safety with reliable front suspensions and disc brakes. Knowing that your bike has all these features, will allow you to approach all kinds of terrains with confidence.

It’s also crucial to point out that this bike uses a high carbon steel frame for enhanced durability.

Most convenient of all, the bike comes 85% pre-assembled. It’ll take you a mere 10-15 mins to get this beauty up and running!


  • Comes mostly pre-assembled; requires minimum assembly
  • Solid and lightweight framing
  • Quick and safe acceleration
  • Stylish and unique spray design
  • Tires are suitable for all-terrain adventure


  • Seasoned bikers might find it unsuitable
  • Customer service is not very active

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5. Eurobike Tsm g4 Mountain Bike

When talking about durability and worthiness, it’s hard to beat Eurobike’s lineup of fantastic MTBs.

One of the ways that this model from Eurobike stands out from the crowd is by ensuring portability.

Bulky bikes can be a turn-off for anyone when planning downhill trails. The good news is that this mountain bike is not only lightweight, but also foldable. You can expect the folding mechanism to work reliably and smoothly.

The Eurobike TSM G4 mountain bike is a dually. As a result, you will reap all the benefits of dual suspension. Besides, its saddles and structure ensure a relaxing and comfortable riding time.

You can conquer challenging terrain with this robust MTB. Personally, the bike had us at with the MTV pedal and comfortable seat post. Another reliable feature of the bike is the dual disc brakes.

The only limitation of this bike is its low weight capacity. Other than that, this well-built bike gives you multiple reasons to make it a part of your adventures. By and large, most beginner and experienced riders can enjoy the features of this bike.


  • Attractive price point
  • Reliable and quick stops
  • Portable and folds to save storage space
  • Mountain bike with dual suspension
  • Quick assembly in 10 to 20 minutes


  • Users claim that handlebars are quite slippery
  • Limited weight capacity

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Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500 – Buying Guide

Buying anything requires a little research and homework, and women’s MTB is no different. There are a number things to consider. There’s your riding style, size of the wheels, framing, and whatnot.

Though the previous section has significantly narrowed your list, you still have a decision to make. So, how do you understand which women’s MTB is best for you?

This buying guide will help you to refine the best MTB features that fit your requirements. Take a look:

What’s Your Riding Style?

Are you sure your beginner’s MTB can handle technical riding? We are a little unsure about that.

Similarly, why do you need a feature-packed bike when you’re going to ride with family?

Here are some of the riding style and our suggestions of the best MTB each one:

Trail Riding

Trail riding involves little to no technicalities. This type of riding includes wide-open trails and gravel roads.

The descents and climbs are practically easier and not too steep. You can do it with a front suspension-hardtail mountain bike for this riding style.

Family Time

Family fun is a riding style that is meant to blow off some steam and also get fit. This riding style does not involve any complicated terrains or tricky trails.

In this riding style, you’ll be riding in great wide and open outdoor spaces. For such riders, a low-budget hardtail mountain bike is the perfect fit.


Downhill is a riding style where you’ll expose yourself to challenging trails and super technical riding.

You have to make your way through loose surfaces, manmade jumps, tight corners, and rocky sections.

For downhill biking, a heavy-duty full suspension mountain bike would be more suitable. You’ll also want to go for a bulkier model. Your primary focus should be on buying a solid and durable model.

All Mountain

Sometimes, Enduro and mountain trails are wider. However, there’s no denying that they are technical and rougher as well. You have to ride through gnarly and steep descents. In short, it’s all about speedily riding downhill.

For this style of riding, we suggest full suspension mountain bikes. Due to their slightly heavier weight, they offer more control and resistance on rough trails.

Choose Between Full Suspension vs Hardtail

You should choose the type of suspension depending on your riding style. Having an understanding of the local trails and road networks will also give you an upper hand.

For instance, if the trail requires a lot of climbing and is not very technical, a lightweight bike will do well. But conquering a rough terrain will require a full-suspension mountain bike.

The Frame Is Important

It’s no secret that mountain bike rides can take a toll on those wheels and structures. If you want your bike to be your buddy for a long time, you should consider its framing. After all, the frame is what determines the overall durability of bikes.

At $500 or less, you will find bikes whose frames are made with the following materials:


Steel bikes are some of the cheapest of the lot. So, if you are not willing to spend thousands of dollars, steel is your best bet. However, don’t mistake its low price for low quality.

Despite being economical, it can tackle all rough and rocky terrains. But you should know that steel bikes are also the heaviest.

Therefore, if you are looking for something portable and lightweight, you should consider other materials.


Aluminum is the midway between carbon fiber and steel. It is neither very expensive nor very cheap. One of the most excellent perks of buying an aluminum MTB is that it is very lightweight and resistant to rust.

Durability off aluminum bikes is pretty good, but not as much as carbon fiber MTBs. Besides, it might not serve you well in rough terrains.

Carbon Fiber

Though carbon fiber is the most expensive in its category, it is worth every penny. Thankfully, these days you’ll come across many women’s carbon fiber MTBs on a budget of $500.

Not only is carbon fiber extremely durable, but it is also highly portable. You should note that carbon fiber is lighter than steel and aluminum.

And the Type of Brakes Too!

There are typically two types of breaks in MTBs:

Rim Brakes

Rim brakes work similarly to disc brakes. However, rather than holding the metal rotor, it clamps itself to the bike’s wheels.

It’s important to mention that the stopping power of the rim brakes is nothing extraordinary.

However, they are sufficient for tackling flat trails.

Disc Brakes

You’ll notice that disc brakes are standard in modern mountain bikes. This is because the disc brakes have an exceptionally quick and even stopping power.

The caliper – which operates like clamps – holds the metal rotors on the wheel to deliver quick stops.

Don’t Forget the Contact Points!

Aside from the technical features, female riders should also consider the contact points – the saddle, cranks, and handbags.

First things first, the handlebars for women’s bikes are going to be narrower. Typically, a women’s MTB has a handlebar of width 760mm and 740mm. If you opt for wide handlebars, you’re going to find them more difficult to control.

Next comes the saddle. You will do yourself a huge favor by opting for an MTB that was designed with the female anatomy in mind. You might not find a unisex bike to be very comfortable. The best way to find the right saddle for you is to test it out for yourself.

What About the Wheel Size?

When you go to purchase a women’s MTB, you’ll come across different wheel sizes. The typical sizes are 26-inches, 27.5-inches, and 29-inches. The modern MTBs generally match the size of the wheel to the size of the back.

To put it simply, a small or XS bike will equip 27.5-inch or 26-inch wheels. The size of the wheel depends on the height of the rider. For petit riders, a 26-inch or 27.5-inch will be sufficient.

On the other hand, tall riders will find a wheel size of 29-inches to be more convenient. If you a beginner and looking for some assistance with control, a 26-inch is your best bet.

Wrap Up

There you have it –out top 5 women’s mountain bikes under $500, which has something for every buyer. The best part? None of these bikes will require you to go over your budget.

For the most successful shopping experience, make sure to keep in mind the pointers we covered in our buying guide.

Our final piece of advice would be to try out as many bikes as you can. Hopefully, with the help of this buyer’s guide, you’ll be riding down those trails on your brand-new bike in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the very best women’s mountain bike under $500 and get ready for your next big adventure!

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