Best Truck Topper for Camping

If you’re a pickup truck kind of a person, it should be safe to assume that you like camping too! But have you ever considered camping in your truck? If not, you should reconsider because it can be a wonderful experience that you will not want to miss out on.

The key to an amazing camping trip in your pick-up is having a reliable truck topper.

The right truck topper or truck shell will keep you safe and secure in your truck’s cargo bed. Believe it or not, the right truck topper will even help you stay dry and comfortable inside your truck . even when there’s a huge storm outside.

So if all you need for your next camping trip is the perfect truck topper, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review the 5 best truck toppers for camping with tips on how to choose one for yourself!

5 Best Truck Toppers for Camping

In today’s hectic high-tech world, taking some downtime in your truck can seem like a strange idea. The dirt and unpredictable environmental conditions scare people away. However, they do not know that the whole point of a truck topper is to shield your truck from just about any weather condition.

As long as you select the right truck topper, camping in your truck will be an incredible experience. To make the selection less confusing, we have reviewed five of the best truck toppers for camping.

1. Bestop 76309-35 Supertop for Truck

Bestop is the official topper manufacturer for Jeep, making perfect toppers for Jeep Wrangler and CJ.
If high quality is what you’re looking for, there is no option better than the Bestop 76309-35. This truck topper is made with the same quality materials and care as the Jeep toppers. Even their designs are similar, with the tinted window kits and zip outside panels.

Installing this truck topper is one of the simplest parts of owning a truck. Even if you don’t want to install the topper at home and choose to have it done by a pro, you won’t have to worry about it coming undone when you’re on your trip.

We love that this topper is made of the highest industry standards, allowing you the flexibility and ease you deserve on a relaxing camping trip.

We also like its multifunctionality. You don’t necessarily have to use it to cover truck cargo beds alone.

You can also use this topper to cover a convertible. We cannot think of a better investment if you happen to own both!

This truck topper is ideal for badly mounted hitches and the 5th wheel.

You will have to compare sizes and see if they will fit your cars. However, if it does, trust us, this is hands down the best purchase you will ever make as a truck camper.

Best of all, the Bestop 76309-35 truck topper comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Along with ease of installation, you can rest assured not to have to worry about corrosion. You will get high-quality hardware and attachments with this truck topper to help you use the product for a much longer time than expected.


  • Made of the highest quality products
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Uses Bestop’s original technologies and techniques to top all competitors
  • You can use it to cover both cargo beds and convertibles
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not a hard shell
  • Cleaning might become a huge hassle

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2. Bestop 7730135 Supertop for Truck

There’s no doubt about how good a company Bestop is, considering that it has earned both the first and second spots on our list.

Flexible truck storage should always be as comfortable as with the Bestop 7730135 Supertop for Truck. This truck topper is not only extremely comfortable to place but will also keep you safe and secure inside!

Feel free to add a bed in the cargo bed as you park your truck in the middle of nowhere and enjoy a quiet night under the stars. The one-person operation allows you to enjoy some alone-time or even camp with your beloved.

Unlike most truck toppers, this product also comes with removable side panels. Therefore, if you feel a little clustered and suffocate inside, you can always take a breather!

You can even attach a third brake light easily for added safety. Moreover, made of sturdy fabric, this topper will not budge even if it’s windy or is raining cats and dogs. The Bestop 7730135 Supertop for Truck is ideal for 2016-2019 Tacoma with a 5ft bed. Therefore, before purchasing, you will have to ensure that it fits your truck perfectly.

You will need a drill to attach the topper with four clamps. We know that doesn’t sound easy.

However, believe us, it’s not difficult, and anyone who can handle a drill can do it.


  • Made of sturdy fabric that will not budge
  • Ideal for adding storage by effectively covering the cargo bed
  • A single person set up and operation
  • You can attach a third brake light inside


  • It might not be perfect for every weather condition as it gets old
  • Drilling cloth might seem too complicated for some

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3. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Are you looking for a truck topper that is perfect for camping and does not want something else? In that case, you should consider buying the Napier Backroadz truck tent.

Even though the truck topper is not like the traditional ones and is more or less – a tent, it’s worth the investment if you love camping alone.

To say that this topper is big would be an understatement. It is hard to find toppers of this size for mini-trucks such as Jeep wrangler and Jeep CJ. With a center height of 58 to 62 inches, you will not have to complain about the lack of space with this topper.

This tent will provide you ultimate protection from the weather as its material is water and heat-resistant. Therefore, regardless of how much rain or heat falls on your truck while camping, you can feel cool and dry.

Ventilation is not an issue with the tent since it comes with two big mesh windows.

We love how safe and comfortable this tent is. It is easy to install and will not go anywhere for a couple of years. It also comes with a gear pocket, gear loft, and a lantern holder, so you will never have to fumble around for your belongings..

The fiberglass material is top-notch, and due to the full bed floor, not only does your truck stay safe from the elements you might spill inside, but you too can be as clean as possible as cargo beds tend to accumulate hefty dirt.


  • Ideal for camping alone
  • Very roomy and well-ventilated for a comfortable camping experience
  • Has ways to organize your personal belongings
  • Easy assembly
  • Provides ultimate weather protection
  • Each purchase prompts the company to plant a tree


  • You cannot use it as a regular truck topper since it is only ideal for camping
  • It might cause issues with fitting into certain truck sizes

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4. Dac Full-Size Truck Tent Topper

Are you looking for a truck topper you can use regularly but is also much more comfortable for camping than a regular truck shell? In that case, this is the right product for you!

The DAC full-size truck tent topper is ideal for larger trucks and people who like to be on the move.

Made of high-quality polyester and fiberglass, this topper is ideal for protecting you from harsh weather conditions such as wain and wind. All you have to do is install the topper on your truck, and you’ll be good to go with a bed inside.

Are you a fan of traveling extremely long distances in your truck? If yes, then this topper will help you create a personalized and mobile room for yourself.

If you own a Toyota Lacoma 2005 or later, you will find this topper to be an ideal fit. However, for models before 2005, it is a mid-sized product.

We especially appreciate how simple it to install and take down this tent topper is. All you need is some practice and hardly three minutes, and you’ll be good to go! Once you have taken it down, do not worry about where you will keep it! It folds into a small bundle that will fit your truck’s cargo bed without hassles.

This tent is ideal for two people along with a small pet. So say goodbye to boring weekends and hello to adventurous family camping!

The two-way zippers are easily accessible and will keep you safe as you will have control at all times!


    • Water, dust, and flame resistant
    • Highly durable
    • Made of high-quality polyester and fiberglass
    • Ample space to fit a small family of two and a pet
    • Easy assembly and easy storage


  • It might not be ideal for snowy conditions
  • Fitting on several trucks might be difficult

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5. Bestop Supertop for Truck 2

Can you tell how much we love Bestop? Well, we have good reason! ! It is undoubtedly the best company to manufacture high-quality best truck toppers for camping.

On paper, this topper might seem the same as the ones from the same company we have reviewed before. However, that is far from the truth. Not only is this topper for trucks meant for bigger trucks, but it also has some special things to look for.

First of all, this topper is ideal for trucks with a 6.5-foot bed – a size many manufacturers tend to neglect. If you own a truck of that size, you shouldn’t think too much and purchase this topper right away.

The slide-away function is ideal for allowing the topper to fit not only trucks but also convertibles.

And you won’t have to worry about storing the topper once you want to retract it.

To make ventilation a priority, all sides of the topper are detachable. So if you’re camping among slight drizzling, you can open one or more sides to get that surge of fresh air!

The topper is extremely simple to operate and attach. Even if you do not have a bed liner, the attachments given are ideal for long-term camping. Moreover, the topper comes with a 2-year warranty to assure you of its durability.


  • Easy to operate, assemble, and store
  • Available for an often-neglected size range
  • Corrosion-free attachments
  • Allows proper ventilation


  • It might not be ideal for snowy conditions
  • Might need frequent maintenance

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How to Choose the Best Truck Topper for Camping?

Truck toppers seem simple, right? They’re just covers that get on top of your truck? Sadly, no.

Choosing a truck topper requires a lot of research and consideration. After all, you do not want to get stuck in a situation where the topper either doesn’t fit or protects you.

It would be best if you considered various things before buying the truck topper you like the most. So, let’s find out the things you need to keep in mind before settling with the right truck topper for you!

Topper Type – Shell or Tent?

Truck toppers come in several sizes and shapes. However, the most common ones you will encounter when you search for truck toppers for camping would be cloth shells or tents.

While tents seem ideal for camping, you should consider fabric shells as well.

Fabric shells, such as the ones in this list, are more or less permanent. So even if you’re not camping, you can let it stay on top or retract on the side.

On the other hand, tents are made especially for camping and have some handy features that make camping more fun and convenient.

How Much Do You Want to Pay?

Your budget should be an important thing to consider while buying a truck topper. After all, camping trips are low-key, and you shouldn’t go off-budget to buy a truck topper.

An average budget of $400 can be ideal for low to medium quality toppers. But if you’re looking for the best and have the budget, you can go up to $800 and be happy with your investment.

What Is It Made Of?

Traditional truck toppers are made of hard metals to cover the cargo bed completely to create a makeshift RV. However, they tend to get warm and feel uncomfortable for camping trips. Therefore, you should always buy fabric toppers.

The best fabric for truck toppers is fiberglass. It is weather-resistant, flame resistant, and will stay together for a long time. A blend of polyester and fiberglass will make the best truck topper for camping.

Can It Handle the Weather?

It would help if you considered what weather conditions a truck topper could sustain. After all, you don’t want to get caught in the rain with a non-waterproof truck topper that will leave you and your belongings drenched.

You can use most fiberglass truck toppers in just about any weather conditions. However, we would still advise you to check the labels and the manufacturer’s claims before purchasing.

Does It Allow You to Breathe?

While camping in your pickup truck, you should seriously consider if a particular truck topper will allow you to breathe during long nights.

Proper ventilation is a must. Make sure that the topper your eyes has some windows or detachable sides. Otherwise, your camping trip could become extremely uncomfortable.

Closing Thoughts

Here we are with the five top truck toppers you can buy online. Who knew selecting one could be so much work and would require you to consider so many things? Well, we did! How else do you plan to camp in your truck in almost any weather condition?

Feel free to buy any of the truck toppers reviewed in the article because we have only chosen the highest quality for you. However, that is not close to being the best part about or list!

This article covers truck toppers from a wide variety of ranges and reviews. Therefore, you should not think twice about placing an order now!

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