Best RV Observation Camera

For any RV owner, installing the best RV observation camera is crucial. It helps with enhancing the driving experience. Further, this system reduces the chance of any unforeseeable circumstance.

One of the main concerns about driving a motorhome is reversing it. Moreover, the cumbersome size usually restricts the visibility of the rear end. Therefore, the best RV observation camera will provide you with live footage that enables swift parking or backing movement.

Reversing your RV will look like a simple task with the proper observation camera. Further, it will help thoroughly analyze your surroundings. It will enable you to drive safer!

Finding the best RV observation camera might seem a complex process. Therefore, this article will state five different types of cameras best suited for any RV owner in the country.

5 Best RV Observation Camera

Here is a curated list of the five best RV observation cameras in the market. This section talks in detail about all the features offered and not offered in the cameras mentioned above.

1. Dohonest s19 RV Wireless Observation System

This model is the most popular amongst RV owners, and rightfully so! It has an input that supports two-way DVR video. It means that this observation camera has two channels that have recording functions embedded in it. Therefore, you can access a dual view feature that splits your screen and enables you to look at the road from two angles.

One of the best things about the DoHonest S19 is its no interference guarantee. It is due to the upgrade of the fifth-generation system, which keeps the image clearer. Further, the observation camera can display smooth and undistorted footage even at high speed of 150MHP.

This camera has a wireless transmission with a viewing distance of 150 meters. Thus, giving you an uninterrupted single from any range between 20 to 150 meters. The single transmitted by this camera stays undisturbed even after reversing your RV vigorously.

Its point-to-point broadcast assists you with an accurate image of your surroundings. The images are of high definition 1080 pixels. Further, it has advanced technology that gives you excellent vision.

Moreover, it has high-quality night vision features that allow you to see the road when it is dark outside.

The camera is waterproof, making it easy to combat the rainy season. Further, any large vehicle can accommodate this observation camera due to its voltage. Additionally, comes with instructions that make it easy to install.

All of these features make it the best RV observation camera in the market. However, you need to pay more to get a side mount for your car.


  • No-interference guarantee
  • Smooth, accurate, stable transmission
  • HD 1080P imaging
  • Split-screen feature
  • 150 meters viewing range
  • Night vision enabled
  • Waterproof


  • No side mount provided
  • Sometimes, the viewing angle might be narrow

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2. Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System

This model is a perfect guide that can help you operate an RV. The most intriguing part about this camera is the touchpad it comes with. Moreover, it has an anti-glare feature in its 7 inches of glory.

This screen can display clear images from four different cameras. Further, they are easy to install if you follow the instructions carefully. These cameras have a Vision S Sharkfin system that eliminates any unwanted process of setting it up.

The camera signal of the Furrion Vision S can withstand high speeds. Further, the angle view has a wide range of 120 degrees. The wireless connection is powered by 2.4GHz with a reliable monitor.

There is a no lag and stable connection guarantee. Further, the image quality is 720×480 Pixels with an intelligent infrared night vision. Additionally, the observation camera is waterproof, making it possible for you to take it out when it is raining.

This equipment can pick up signals from everything between 30 meters to 150 meters. Moreover, it is compatible with a lot of motorhomes. Unlike other cameras, the screen assists you with parking markers and an audio transmission!

It has a bonus table mount and a windshield. However, to get a side view installed, you need to pay extra. Further, you can use this camera as a security system. You can use its motion sensors to keep your assets safe while it is parked.


  • Anti-glare 7″ screen
  • 120-degree angle view
  • 720×480 Pixels imaging
  • Viewing range of 150 meters
  • Water-resistant
  • In-built security system


  • No side view installed
  • Can get expensive

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3. Rohent r9 Observation System

You can use this camera on your RV if it is under 50 feet. However, you will find it very straightforward and easy to set up. You can follow the simple instructions provided and install this camera quickly.

To make it functional, you have to connect the antennas and the power supply to the camera. Further, the monitor has a built-in digital wireless module that helps the transmission of video signals. It has an automatic record and loop function that saves new files by erasing old ones in the memory drive.

The Rohent R9 has a unique upgrade of 170 degrees viewing angle. Further, the image quality is in HD 1080 pixels. You will see that the camera’s glass lens has six layers, making it easier to spot disturbances in the surroundings.

The camera has robust water resistance making it easier for you to take your RV out during the rain.

Moreover, it comes with a good-quality side view camera. The display is very convenient to operate as it comes with a 7-inch screen.

There are two channels, rearview and front view, that you can switch from. There are smart guidelines that will help you can reverse it with perfection. However, you can even switch it off. The display is a great way to analyze the surroundings.

This camera comes with a warranty of two years that covers all technical glitches and replacements.

All of these features make this one of the best RV observation cameras in the market.


  • 170-degree viewing angle
  • Two-years warranty
  • Six-layered camera lens
  • HD 1080 pixels imaging
  • Water-resistant
  • Two-channel viewing


  • Does not have night vision
  • Connection deteriorates with prolonged water abuse

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4. LeeKooLuu F06 Wireless Observation System

The images that you witness will be in HD 1080 pixels. Further, this wireless camera has an infrared light with a high-performing CDD sensor display. The built-in digital unit has a wireless camera and a monitor.

The installation process is super easy. You have to connect it to a power source. After this, the images will automatically transmit. Further, the LeeKooLuu F06 is famous for eliminating any blind spot.

You can rely on this camera to guide you through any driving situation. Moreover, this camera makes sure you have reasonable reversing control. Further, facilitating proper parking of your motorhome.

You can choose two modes in this camera: “reverse only and constant monitoring.” Additionally, you add another camera for access to viewing from a different angle. However, you need to buy one that supports its functions.

You will be able to split the monitor and control both the cameras at the same time. Apart from the split view, you can change the direction of the sight. For example, you can choose to select mirror views or front-facing views. Therefore, this camera has a unique “flip” feature.

The monitor has backup lines that you can use with ease. The camera has 170 degrees angle viewing capacity. It is waterproof and helps drive in the rain. Moreover, you will find this equipped with unique fog-resistant technology.

The night vision ability allows you to have access to clearer pictures when there is a dark out. Further, the screen has an IPS panel that reduces blurry and reflective imaging. However, the pre-wired bracket is sold separately.


  • No blind spot
  • Waterproof and fog-resistant
  • IPS panel reduces blurry image
  • 170 degrees viewing angle
  • Infrared light
  • CDD sensor display


  • Pre-wired bracket not provided
  • Vision gets blurry during high speed

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5. 4ucam Digital Wireless Camera

This camera will provide you with crystal-clear imaging. It comes with a no static and interference guarantee. Thus, helping you drive your RV with confidence.

The wireless system is easy to install. You can follow the simple instructions provided in the manual. Further, it has 11 HD IR LED lenses that help you have access to a 20 feet night vision.

The 4Ucam has a SONY ¼ inch display. The camera comes in a 6.8G-force aluminum metal case which is shock resistant. Moreover, the equipment is highly waterproof.

You can use this on electrical systems up to 24 Volts. The camera is made of heavy-duty metal with detachable antennas that can pick up signals up to 300 feet. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable steel mount.

This unit does not have any audio interface. Further, the picture quality is excellent but has a limited field of vision. Moreover, the screen does not have an anti-glare feature.


  • No static or interference
  • 20-feet night vision view
  • HD lens
  • Strong signals


  • No audio
  • No anti-glare

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Things to Consider Before Buying a RV Observation Camera

An RV observation system will help you properly navigate while you are behind the wheel. Moreover, you will have safety while backing up your motorhome. Further, the best RV observation camera will give you a sense of confidence.

With this camera installed in your RV, you will be able to make better sense of where and how you are driving. It would be best if you chose from various wireless and wired observation cameras in the market.

That being said, there are some crucial features that you need to take into consideration. You will need a camera that perfectly balances the configuration of your motorhome. Therefore, this buying guide will help you choose the best RV observation camera.

Observation or Backup

Before you jump in to get the best RV observation camera, you need to determine its purpose.

Technically, both of them have somewhat of the same function. However, they offer different features.
The main difference between these two RV cameras lies in their names. You can only use a backup camera, especially while you are backing up your RV. On the contrary, an observation camera is a constant companion.

You are meant to use an observation camera as a backup assistant or a digital rearview mirror. However, you can also use it for other facilities to aid you in having a safer driving experience.

Video Quality

The best RV observation camera will allow you to witness the images in a high-quality. A better quality will ensure that you can accurately see your surroundings. Moreover, the image projected on your screen will offer to be helpful in dire circumstances.

You will be able to analyze whether your tires are flat or if other things are interfering with your driving. Additionally, with a good quality screen, you can decipher the images that show up on it.

Features like wireless antenna, transmitters, and lens contribute to the image quality.

If you get a top-tier camera and screen quality, you can have a better viewpoint and control.

Consequently, you can choose the best RV observation camera mentioned in this article. Further, facilitating a better driving experience with minor annoyance and eye squinching.

Viewing Angle

Your RV will not benefit from camera installation if it is incomplete without a good range of view.

Therefore, the best RV observation camera comes equipped with a substantial wide viewing angle.

This feature will help you determine what is happening at the back of your motorhome.

Backing up an RV without a rearview camera is not only risky but also requires great skill. A more comprehensive vision with the camera will guarantee ease in backing up your RV. Moreover, it will determine your safety while driving on the highway.

It is crucial to note that an extensively wide angle will distort the picture quality. Further, it may make it hard for you to understand the interpretation on the screen. Therefore, a minimum of 100-degree view field is a criterion you need to look for in a decent performance model of an observation camera.

Night Vision

Going on a cross-country road trip will require you to equip your motorhome with the finest of equipment. Moreover, it may be a hassle to find the perfect spot to park after dark. The best RV observation camera with an enabled night vision feature will ease your difficulties.

Your night vision feature helps you back up your RV after the sun has set. Therefore, you need to look for a camera that utilizes installed LEDs. It will help to offer a reliable visual range during low lighting.

The right infrared capability in your observation camera is crucial to have the perfect journey.

Consequently, assuring complete vision during the night. It may not be an essential requirement; however, it will help you overcome a dark pathway.

Resistance to Water

During this technological advancement, the ability to resist natural changes in the weather is in every system. Thus, it will be easy to find a perfect camera that is resistant to water. The best RV observation camera should be resilient to rain.

Before buying your camera, make sure to analyze the features it possesses. Moreover, the camera system needs to have this feature. Your motorhome will have contact with different weather conditions.

This piece of technology can get damaged if it is not water-resistant. Further, prolonged exposure can reduce its functionality. Therefore, it is best to look for a water-resistant feature in the camera you choose to be safe.

Split View

Last but not least, an essential feature in an operational RV camera is the split view. This function helps you change lanes on the highway with confidence. Moreover, there are many options in which this feature is available, including a quad view.

It ensures that you are safe from all four directions. Therefore, enabling a safer driving experience.

You will find this split feature convenient as you drive along the highway in your motorhome. Further, this feature helps you maneuver around incoming traffic or backing up in a tight spot.

This article includes all of these features crucial for the best functionality in the best RV observation camera. Therefore, follow the list, and you may find your pick.

Wrap Up

Getting the best RV observation camera requires a great deal of research. Therefore, this article includes all the features, functionalities, and disadvantages of each observation camera.

Make sure your choice ticks most of the features mentioned in the buying guide. Further, you can choose the one that best suits your RV.

With the best RV observation camera, you will feel more confident to travel with it. One of these cameras will help you be safe on the road and enjoy your time. What are you waiting for? Get your favorite RV equipped with one of the top five observation camera systems.

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