Best Bike Lock for NYC – Prevent Your Bike From Getting Stolen

Living and traveling in New York City can be expensive, which is why in the past year, more and more people have decided to invest in a bicycle The rise in the number of bikes, however, has also led to a rise in the number of bike thefts. So, getting the best bike lock for NYC is crucial.

A good lock will help keep your bike safe even if the thief uses intricate tools. Keeping your bike locked will also calm your worries. Choosing the best bike lock for NYC might be a hassle if you are not aware of the different applications each have.

To make your task easier, we have curated this list of the best bike locks for NYC. Make sure to go through each of them carefully to find the one that best fits your needs.

Five Best Bike Lock for NYC

There are different types of locks that you can install for safety. Each lock has a unique purpose and can be used in a variety of situations. Therefore, it is important to get clear about your specific needs.

Go through our curated list of the 5 best bike locks for NYC to find the one suits your safety needs.

1. Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboudit Mini

The Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboudit Mini is the most popular bike lock that offers absolute security. It has a rare 18 mm steel shackle that helps resist all thieving equipment. Your bike will be safe from bolt cutters and other leveraging hand tools.

The Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboudit has a surety of high-end safekeeping. The steel used to make this beast has maximum performance. Further, it uses a double locking feature facilitated by hard steel.

The interior of the lock is 3.25 inches by 6 inches. The crossbar has an anti-rotation element that protects it from most attacks. The only way to break this lock is with powerful industry-grade tools. Thankfully, most bike thieves do not have those.

You can rest assured that your bike will be safe with this lock. If however, a theft does occur within the first year of purchasing, the company will reimburse you with $5000!

The lock comes with two sets of stainless-steel keys, just to be safe. Further, the deadbolts have increased and hardened holding power for maximum security. You will also be given a dust cover to keeps the lock clean. The lock is on the heavier side, at 2.06 kg, which can make it pretty hard to carry without a frame mount. If you have to take it with you wherever you go, you may experience back and shoulder pain after a while. . Furthermore, it is only really suitable for thin tires and bike frames.


  • Rare steel shackle
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Uses high-performance materials
  • Double locking feature
  • Dust cover
  • Gold secure


  • Heavy to carry
  • Only for thin bike tires and frames

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2. Abus Bordo Granit Xplus 6500

This ABUS Bordo GRANIT XPlus 6500 is this company’s prized folding lock. It has been a popular choice among bike owners in New York for a long time. It has 5.5mm steel plates that come with a hardened core. And the special protective rivets in the design make it resistant to any form of attack.

This lock was built with optimal levels of security in mind, which makes it a worthy contender in the market. It offers improved portability and several locking options. Along with that, it has an automatic dust cover that keeps it resistant to dirt.

The ABUS Bordo GRANIT XPlus 6500 comes with a flexible protection shield. This will ensure that your bike is safe from thieves who try to cut through the lock with a saw. The disc cylinder has a durable resistance to lock picking equipment.

You will find this folding lock to be phenomenal in its performance. However, the rivets might loosen over time. It will not affect the overall functionality but can cause an annoying noise while you are cycling. It weighs in at 1.58 kg, making it the heaviest folding lock in the market.

All of these features make this a member of the best bike lock for NYC list.


  • Maximum security
  • High-quality steel plates
  • Anti-lock picking protection
  • Portable
  • Dirt-resistant


  • Heavier than most folding locks
  • Rivets loosen after prolonged use

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3. Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated Chain

This company is a famous and well-loved bike lock manufacturer. And their evolution series chain locks are also popular among customers. This lock system comes with a 3T magnesium steel of 10mm six-sided links.

You will find that this chain lock has excellent quality. Further, it equips skillful protection for your bike. You can use this lock without any worry around areas where there are theft rates.

The length of the shackle is 55 cm which makes it easily portable. Therefore, if you frequently commute using a bike, you will find this chain lock convenient. The chain has a hardened deadbolt that offers an extensive power of holding.

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated Chain has a strong link between the chain and the deadbolt. Thus, your bike will be safe from attacks of any caliber. However, the chain is shorter than average, making it impossible to secure multiple bikes.

The cylinder has a high-security disc that is drill-resistant, a feature that makes this lock unpickable! You will also receive a set of three stainless steel keys upon purchase as well as an LED replaceable key pockets. The lock has a dust cover that you can slide on the lock to protect it from unwanted debris. Additionally, it comes equipped with a nylon sleeve that makes it resistant to harsh weather.

The compact coiling makes it easy for you to carry. Additionally, the company made this mechanism for ease of operation. A thief would special tools to pry open this lock and steal your bike. You get a lifetime warranty with this equipment.

This lock has a minimal internal locking area that sometimes makes it hard to operate. Further, this equipment is not resistant to high-end bolt cutters.


  • 10mm steel links with 3T magnesium
  • Resistant to harsh weather
  • Easily portable
  • Drill and pick resistant
  • Dust cover
  • Gold secure


  • Not bolt-cutter proof
  • Small internal locking area

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4. Master Lock 8114d Set Your Own Combination Bike Lock

The Master Lock 8114D cable lock system comes with an easy-to-use combination padlock. It has braided steel that makes it flexible. The steel is made from high-performance materials that contribute to its strength.

You will find this equipment utterly resistant to sawing. The coating is made of protective vinyl, shielding it from cuts and scratches. The lock also allows you to set a unique 4-digit combination.

This innovative combination padlock makes it convenient. Living in a city that is constantly on the move comes with the risk of losing your keys somewhere. With the combination lock, you will never have to worry about this.

The downside is that for some users, the combination lock seems to stop working after few uses.

The Master Lock 8114D Set Your Own Combination Bike Lock is 1.8 meters in length. Further, it has a diameter of 8 mm. These features make it easily portable. You can use the self-coiling mechanism to store it in your bag while riding your bike.

This cable lock comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a member of the best bike lock for NYC.


  • Easy to use padlock
  • Portable
  • Keyless experience
  • Prevents cutting
  • Resistant to sawing


  • Padlock issues after extensive use
  • Not weather resistant

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5. Via Velo Bike U Lock With Cable

This lock system is not as famous as the other four on the list. However, it has some exciting features that make it the best bike lock for NYC. It is a heavy-duty bike lock system using both D/U locking and cable locking mechanisms.

It is resistant to corrosion from water due to its hexagonal PVC cover. It Is also resistant to dirt and dust, which contributes to its longevity.

This lock offers high-tech security for your bike, so you won’t have to worry about your bike getting stolen. The locking system is robust due to its thickness of 14 mm Moreover, the rubber casting and the steel shackle protects your bike.

The mounting system is easy and comes with a no-hassle guarantee. You will get two keys when you buy this equipment, so you won’t have to feel helpless when you lose the first one.
The lock has a high-quality mounting, and a 1.45 kg weight makes it easier to carry with you. This lock is suitable for any bike within the 20 to 42 mm tube. It also protects your bike from leveraging. It also provides jacking security due to the bolt crossbar mechanism.

The Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable is perfect for areas in New York with lower crime rates.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • High-security from leveraging


  • Only provides moderate security
  • Design might be harder to understand

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How to Choose the Best Bike Lock for NYC – a Comprehensive Buying Guide

The only way to reduce the theft risk of your bike is by investing in a sturdy and reliable bike lock.

Every bike thief has tools and equipment to help them steal your ride. However, if you secure it with the right type of lock, the criminal will not stand a chance.

There are different kinds of bike locks on the market, as you know. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which one will be best for you. Each type of bike lock has its functions and features. Here is how you will be able to choose the best bike lock for NYC.

D/U Locks

This is a popular lock among New Yorkers. They act as an excellent deterrent for bike thieves. This locking mechanism is bulky, which makes it hard to break through.

They are even resistant to attacks with hammers and chisels. It has a horseshoe shape, which ensures the bike’s safety. However, you should know that a D/U lock will not function if it is too big for the bike.

The goal of this bike lock is to limit the amount of space a thief has to carry out their job. Therefore, a D/U lock should perfectly fit your bike. The thief can insert a crowbar and break the lock open if it does not work correctly.

You need to analyze the shape and size of your bike before buying this kind of lock. You can find D/U locks in various sizes. Therefore, you should aim to find one that is compatible with your bike. Make sure that there is little to no gap left!

Smaller models of this lock will secure one wheel and the bike frame to a fixed object. Meanwhile, a larger lock secures everything to an object. So, when choosing the best bike lock for NYC, keep D/U locks in mind as a viable option.

Chain Locks

This type of lock is tough, making it perfect for areas with a high bike theft rate. A chain lock is entirely resistant to hacksaws and chisels. They provide a high level of security. Therefore, a thief will find this hard to leverage.

These types of locks have a unique design of chain links. However, you need to invest in a sturdy and heavy padlock to go with this. These are compatible with any type of bike, so make sure to get one with a thicker locking system.

The perfect functionality of a chain lock comes with the sturdiness of the padlock. These may be heavier than most bike locks, but they come with various locking options.

Chain locks have a larger locking area, making it possible to secure multiple bikes. You may want to use these locks as a stationary security system because of how heavy they are.

These types of locks have been around for a long time, which makes this classic lock the best one for NYC.

Cable Locks

These types of locks are durable and make from different strands of woven cables made from metal.

You will find these locks to be versatile but less secure than D/U locks. You can use these if you are in an area that has low crime rates.

Despite the minimal levels of security, cable locks are adaptable as short-term locks. You can use them when you are not leaving them unattended for very long.

You can use cables lock along with D/U locks to secure components of your bike that are removable.

They are lightweight and flexible, but a thief can trounce the metal strands. Even if cable locks are great, make sure not to use them in areas where crime rates are high.

A cable lock requires a separate padlock, and you can get them in different stylish designs and armored coating.

Folding Locks

Folding locks are the most popular locks in NYC. Even if they are relatively new to the lock industry, they are the best bike lock for the Big Apple. They are also portable and travel-friendly.

If you use a D/U lock with a folding one, you will increase the security of your bike. It is made of durable and hardened steel plating. The flat wide shape makes it resistant to all kinds of attacks.

You can use a folding lock to secure your bike to any type of object near the sidewalk. Folding locks are practically impossible to break, which makes them a great addition to your tool kit.

Besides the types of bike locks, you can look into the following features before buying the best bike lock for NYC. This will help determine which one works best for your security needs.

Security Ratings

Before buying a lock for your bicycle, look into the official ratings that it has. Further, security ratings are the badges awarded to each bike lock for the level of safety they offer. Here is what each badge means. Check out this list before deciding which locks are most suitable for life in NYC.

  • Bronze – Secures and enables basic theft resistance
  • Silver – Theft resistance from an enhanced tool
  • Gold – Security from high-class tools
  • Diamond – Attacks resistance with complex tools

A bronze badge will prevent minor crimes. At the same time, silver and gold badges will protect you from a more persistent thief. And lastly, the diamond-rated products will secure your bike from the most experienced thieves.


The best bike lock for NYC will provide your bicycle with safety and security. Riding your bike through Central Park or to a local coffee shop can be an exciting experience when you live in the Big Apple.
But thieves and opportunists are lurking in every corner of the city, so keeping your bike safe will require you to invest in a reliable lock. Our list of the 5 best bike locks for NYC should help you find the right one for you, so you can reap all the benefits of having a bike without the stress. Get the best bike lock for NYC today!

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